Friday, May 20, 2011


The CCCX DH Series will be on the start line again soon............I Hope!  The count down of 5,4,3,2,1 Go! at the top of the hill will again be in effect- Starting in September 2011. 

Official dates will be posted very soon at

This edition of the CCCX featured rider
is....Calabazas Cyclery sponsored-
Rick Jankela, who is a dedicated beast of Central Coast downhill racing!  Jankela is a racer who demonstrates each CCCX DH event what it is all about...
Ripping up the trails at full throttle. Racing in any conditions, on any track, on the utter edge of control. And most of all, keeping it fun and positive the entire time.

Thanks to Rick Jankela for making the CCCX DH Series his own playground!

X-Fusion has always been a huge supporter of all the CCCX races.  DH, XC, Cyclocross, and Road.
John Hauer and the crew at X-Fusion are rad riders who keep Nor-Cal on the cutting edge of technology for Shocks, Seat Posts, & Forks.